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Property Management

Property Management Overview

There is so much to do when letting out your property. First of all, you need to prepare the property so it is ready to let. This involves dealing with mortgage lenders, sorting out rent collection, tax matters, insurance cover, utility bills, keys and inventories, and getting safety certificates for gas, electrics and appliances. The list goes on, as your property manager, Alan Goldin Estates can do all of that for you.

Alan Goldin Estates provides full property and rental management services for landlords. Even with experience, managing a property can be a full-time job. One you do not need if you already have a full-time job or live overseas.

If you own a rental property, or you are a landlord of several investment homes, we can take that load off your plate with our property management services.

Our property management service is so valued by our clients that, in more than eight out of ten properties we manage, tenants renew their agreements. And many of our corporate clients will not accommodate their employees any other way.

Alan Goldin Estates can call upon a wide range of service providers who are tried and trusted, reliable and who deliver a high standard of work.

We can make being a landlord simple, stress-free and cost-effective.
Find out how by calling us today on: 020 8209 0101

Property Management Services

Our full range of property management services includes:

  • Preparation of the property prior to letting, including cleaning, decorating and repairs as required
  • Tenant check-in and comprehensive inventory arranged
  • Collection and registration of the tenancy deposit with The Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). Click on the TDS logo below for more details
  • Collection of rent and payment directly to the landlord
  • Quarterly property inspections with colour photographs and a detailed report
  • Complete management of repairs and maintenance
  • Focused point of contact for tenants
  • Dealing with all third parties who may have an interest in the property
  • Transfer of utilities into the tenant’s name and dealing with utility suppliers
  • Key holding service – two sets for every property managed
  • Arranging payment of any outgoings associated with the property
  • Full deposit negotiation between landlord and tenant prior to the release of the deposit at the end of a tenancy

Full property management is the preferred service level for the majority of our landlords, many of whom reside overseas or simply do not want any day to day involvement in the letting and management process. Our management service is also recommended for the busy individual who is not experienced in property management or familiar with Tenancy Law. It is also often the case that fully managed properties tend to attract corporate tenants.

When it is time for a new tenancy, we will arrange an independent inventory check-out, help negotiate any damages and reimbursements and, if need be, offer advice on insurance claims.

Along with property and rental management, our experienced team can also advise you on ways to refresh or redecorate your property to make sure you get the best return from your property and avoid unnecessary downtime between lets.

We can make being a landlord simple, stress-free and cost-effective.
Find out how by calling us today on: 020 8209 0101